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YouTube is the only famous social network in the world that gives you the opportunity to make money directly from it. We invite you to embark on a new path by changing your lifestyle and learning how to make dollars on YouTube. We are here to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful YouTuber.

YouTubers from their experience working with MasterTube they say

MasterTube is here to shorten your path and teach you everything you need to know to become a YouTube user. We are committed to our commitments and stand by you to be seen better and earn more money. You can always count on the MasterTube team. In this section, our customers talk about their unique experience with MasterTube services.

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Reach all your YouTube goals with MasterTube


Valid licenses

Google’s official credentials are a testament to MasterTube technical expertise in providing services on the YouTube social network.


Fast payment

MasterTube guarantees that your income, with the deduction of the lowest commission, will be regularly deposited into your bank account in Iran or abroad in the shortest possible time.

Activity in Austria

The active presence of MasterTube in Austria makes there less problems in financial transfers …

Common questions

How does YouTube work and how can you make money from a YouTube channel?

YouTube is a powerful social media that generates revenue for itself and you with the help of you to display videos and advertise on them.

But in order to be able to have these ads on the channel, 10,000 subscribers as well as videos must have been viewed 40,000 hours in the last 365 days.

That’s just as much as just 55% of the revenue that YouTube gives you from advertising and the other 45%.

If 365 days or a year passes through my channel, my channel's watch time will be zero and I have to start from the beginning?

No, dear friend, the calculation of this amount of watch time is such that each day you go forward, the statistics of the new day will be added to the amount of watch time of your channel and the amount of watch time of the first 365 days will be less than the amount of watch time of the channel. You do not have to worry about anything while working on the channel constantly

If I select the country in the settings of Iran's YouTube channel, will I have trouble earning money later?

No problem before activating monetization, but for monetization it is better to be one with the country that belongs to your addiction

What content can I put in my channel and make money from it?

Content that is your own production and you have not used other people’s music and video, and most importantly, it is not something that YouTube does not allow to be played.

How many minutes is our video better for monetization?

If you can make videos longer than 8 minutes, it is better because you can also use ads between videos, but you should not sacrifice the attractiveness and usefulness of the video for more time.

Is the channel income tax payable by the channel owner?

No, since the income tax in Austria is 20%, we pay this amount from the same 30% received and there is no need for you to pay.

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