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Withdraw Your YouTube Earnings

From Views to Dollars with an MCN

Unlock the potential of your YouTube channel with an MCN and experience the ease of withdrawing your earnings seamlessly.


Registration request to withdraw YouTube income

Our YouTube consulting service provides personalized guidance and strategies to help your channel thrive. Whether you're aiming for growth, engagement, or monetization, our experts are here to assist you every step of the way.

Expert Review

After Applying, Our Experienced Team Reviews Applicant Channels, Evaluating Growth Metrics, Content Quality, And Monetization Potential. We Carefully Select Creators Poised To Leverage Mastertube’s Premium Resources. Our Experts Decide Whether To Connect Accepted Channels To Our Mcn Or Adsense.


This Includes Whether Your Channel Is Approved For Partnership And Will Join Our Mcn Or Adsense Program Based On Monetization Assessment. We Provide Review Details Like Top-performing Content, Audience Region Data, Peak Viewing Times, And More For Accepted Channels. Rejected Applications Also Receive Analysis Of Areas Needing Improvement.


Final step is signing our standard monetization contract, formalizing partnership and locking in competitive revenue rates for integrated channels. Upon agreement, accounts are connected to our payment ecosystem for efficient income tracking


MasterTube is an official Mediacube Partner

Through a strategic enterprise collaboration with the world's largest MCN, Mediacube, we offer an unparalleled creator ecosystem for our talents. Our creators benefit from robust protection on YouTube thanks to the exclusive tools provided by Mediacube.

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What are Mediacube’s requirements?

To connect to any MCN in the world, your YouTube channel must be monetized, and this is not possible for channels that have just reached the income-generating conditions.

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Is Mediacube legitimate?

Mediacube is an official partner of YouTube and Meta, which means that it has been vetted by these companies and is considered to be a reputable organization

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How do we apply to connect to an MCN?

To apply to connect to an MCN at MasterTube, your channel must meet the necessary conditions. If your channel does not meet the conditions, you will be connected to AdSense.

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YouTube income calculator

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Why MasterTube ?

Free Consulting

Payment Methods

Mastertube Dashboard


MasterTube has been providing monetization services to YouTubers since 2020. With the help of experienced YouTube experts , it provides the best possible solution for solving your channel problems. You can receive for creating a channel, producing content, and monetizing your YouTube channel.

With the Diverse Payment Methods you have more choices for receiving your YouTube channel income.

MasterTube Dashboard is a comprehensive tool for analyzing, reviewing, and managing your YouTube channel that helps you Optimize Your Channel and experience more growth. With this tool, you will have access to many features that make it easier than ever to create content on YouTube. Just focus on content creation.

With the MasterTube support, we will answer your questions in the Shortest Possible Time and you can also easily ask your questions and problems with us At All Stages

Master Shield

MasterShield protects your content from being used without your permission on social media. You can legally request that your content be removed from other channels.

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Mediacube’s Creators Features


Protect your videos from copying and monetization.

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Vidiq account

Track, identify, and insights for Youtube channel performance.

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Google Advertising

Target ads to reach wider audience for YouTube channel growth.

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Epidemic sound

Avoid copyright infringement with royalty-free music tracks.

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Deep link

Drive viewers to watch more content with special links.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is every channel approved?

According to MasterTube's working policies, your YouTube channel must be approved by MasterTube experts in terms of growth, content health, and YouTube policies in order to be able to withdraw the channel's earnings.

How to sign a contract with MasterTube?

After reviewing by MasterTube experts, the initial settings are done on your channel and the monetization request of your channel is sent. After YouTube approval, the required documents are received and the contract is sent to you. The contract period is 2 years.

When is YouTube earnings deposited?

YouTube deposits earnings to the AdSense account between the 15th and 25th of each month. After accounting at MasterTube, the earnings are deposited to your Iranian account between the 25th and the end of each month.