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برای مشاهده مسترتیوب به زبان فارسی، کلیک کنید.

Go Beyond the Basics with MasterTube Extension

Get the insights you need to dominate the competition and reach your goals. Easy to use, powerful, and free.


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MasterTube Extension is your one-stop shop for mastering the art of YouTube. With our powerful tools you can Uncover essential channel insights, Enhance your video SEO And Elevate Your Video Experience.

MasterTube Extension Features


Revolutionize Your YouTube Strategy

Track your progress with key metrics like total views, subscribers, and video counts and Confidently lead the way with valuable insights into your channel's performance.

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Unlock Your Potential With AI

MasterTube Extension is the key to unlocking your video's hidden potential

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Inspect Perfect Keywords

Discover decent keywords easily to expand your reach and attract new viewers

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Begin Your Video Adventure

Our Tool is the ultimate companion for anyone serious about YouTube success

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How to Access MasterTube Extension

Step 1

Go to the Chrome Web Store.

Step 1
Step 2

Search for the "Mastertube Extension" and click on "Add to Chrome.

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Step 3

After entering YouTube, click on the extension (at the top of the page) and create an account.

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Step 4

Voila! Now you can transform your YouTube experience.

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It's time now!

Download MasterTube Extension today and take your journey to the next level!

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Legal measures to prevent copying of content

Protecting your brand and reputation

Copyright certificate


MasterTube Dashboard

The answers to most unknown questions are hidden in the data.

Getting Data from Google API

analyzing videos and channels

generate aI Powered Keywords


VIP management of your YouTube channel by MasterTube experts

YouTube channel management

Professional analysis and SEO

Counseling and mentoring