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Unlock the power of data with MasterTube Dashboard

In the competitive world of YouTube, data is your key to unlocking growth and success. MasterTube Dashboard, empowers you to analyze, understand, and optimize your channel's performance.


Grow your channel Faster with MasterTube Dashboard

Our YouTube consulting service provides personalized guidance and strategies to help your channel thrive. Our YouTube consulting service provides personalized guidance and strategies to help your channel thrive.

MasterTube dashboard Features



MasterTube Assistant helps you grow your YouTube channel by providing insights into your channel's performance. It uses YouTube API data to analyze your channel's settings, videos, and needs for review.

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MasterAI takes the guesswork out of ideating and optimizing YouTube video titles, tags, keywords and descriptions.

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Simplify your video sharing with Deeplink, a tool that generates concise URLs and tracks clicks

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Ever had a brain fart? Yah, we get them all the time. With our Title .

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MasterTube dashboard makes accessing in-depth YouTube analytics incredibly easy. it is intuitively designed so you can instantly view key metrics, compare growth trends, and identify opportunities - no advanced technical skills required. Navigating the powerful features is simple.

The subscriber counts, view time metrics, and other insights within MasterTube dashboard leverage trusted data straight from the source - YouTube. The numbers are the same ones YouTube uses, giving you transparency.

While MasterTube already centralizes the key YouTube data you need, they continuously develop new visualizations, connections, predictions, and other in-demand enhancements to help you optimize your channel.

4 Easy Steps to YouTube Mastery

Step 1

Go to MasterTube Dashboard

Step 1
Step 2

Create account with email and password, log in

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Step 3

Link YouTube channel with your google account

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Step 4

Access data and optimization tools

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Frequently Asked Questions!

what is masterTube dashboard?

The MasterTube dashboard is a YouTube channel data analytics tool that can provide intelligent solutions tailored to address issues with your YouTube channel.

Will granting access to my MasterTube dashboard cause any issues for my channel?

No, the MasterTube dashboard officially accesses information about your YouTube channel directly from the YouTube API

Is it possible to view copyright strike warnings through the MasterTube dashboard?

Yes. Similar to YouTube Studio, you can view Content ID claim and Copyright strike warnings related to your channel through the MasterTube dashboard.

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