MasterTube Privacy Policy

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are a legal contract between You and Us and govern Your use of this website, the services and related technologies for optimizing and managing your YouTube channel(s) that We may provide through any of Our websites (“Services”), and all text, data, information, software, graphics, photographs and more that We and Our affiliates may make available to You (all of which We refer to as “Materials”). Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, references to the “Service” include all of Our websites and the Services.


We may alter the Materials and services We offer You through the Service and/or choose to modify, suspend or discontinue the Service at any time. We may also change, update, add or remove provisions (collectively, “modifications”) of these Terms from time to time. Because everyone benefits from clarity, We promise to inform You of any modifications to these Terms by posting them on the Service and, if You have registered with Us, by describing the modifications to these Terms in an email that We will send to the address that You provided when registering on the Service. To be sure We properly reach Your email inbox, We just ask that You let Us know if Your preferred email address changes at any time after Your registration.

If You object to any such modifications, Your sole recourse shall be to cease using the Service. Continued use of the Service following notice of any such modifications indicates You acknowledge and agree to be bound by the modifications. Also, please know that these Terms may be superseded by expressly-designated legal notices or terms of individual Services. These expressly-designated legal notices or terms are incorporated into these Terms and supersede the provision(s) of these Terms that are designated as being superseded.

In the event, during the initial term, that You cancel use of the Service due to our modifications of the Service that substantially or materially limit the value of the Service, or if We discontinue the Service, We shall reimburse you for the prorated amount of money already paid for the Service that will be unused from the date of the termination through the end of the initial term.

After the initial term, any termination will take effect 30 days from Your notice to Us and you will be refunded for the prorated amount of unused fees, if any (i.e., fees that are intended to pay use of the Service beyond the effective date of the termination), already paid to Us.


We invite You to use the Service for individual, consumer purposes (“Permitted Purposes”)

By using the Service, You promise that You are at least 18 years of age. If you are not 18 yet, you may not access or use any part of the Service and you are authorized by Your employer to enter into this agreement on behalf of said employer. 

In these Terms we are granting You a limited, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use and to display the Materials and to access and use the Service for individual, consumer purposes (“Permitted Purposes”); Your right to use the Materials is conditioned on Your compliance with these Terms. You have no other rights in the Service or any Materials and You may not modify, edit, copy, reproduce, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, alter, enhance or in any way exploit any of the Service or Materials in any manner. If You make copies of any of the Service then We ask that You be sure to keep on the copies all of Our copyright and other proprietary notices as they appear on the Service.

Unfortunately, if You breach any of these Terms the above license will terminate automatically and You must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials (and any copies thereof).


We appreciate You visiting this website and allow You to do just that – stop by and check it out without even registering with Us!

However, in order to access certain password-restricted areas of this website and to use certain Services and Materials offered on and through the Service, You must successfully register an account with Us.


If You want an account with Us, You must submit the following information through the account registration area: A working email address; First and last name; and password. You may also provide additional, optional information so that We can provide You a more customized experience when using the Service –but, We will leave that decision with You. Once You submit the required registration information, We alone will determine whether or not to approve Your proposed account. If approved, You will be sent an email detailing how to complete Your registration. For so long as You use the account, You agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information which can be accomplished by logging into Your account and making the relevant changes. And, if You forget Your password – no worries as We will happily send a password update to Your provided email address.

You are responsible for complying with these Terms when You access any part of the Service. Because it is Your account, it is Your job to obtain and maintain all equipment and services needed for access to and use of This Service as well as paying related charges. It is also Your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of Your password(s), including any password of any third-party site that We may allow You to use to access the Service. Should You believe Your password or security for This Service has been breached in any way, You must immediately notify Us.


We think links are convenient, and We sometimes provide links on the Service to third-party websites. If You use these links, You will leave the Service. We are not obligated to review any third-party websites that You link to from the Service, We do not control any of the third-party websites, and We are not responsible for any of the third-party websites (or the products, services, or content available through any of them). Thus, We do not endorse or make any representations about such third-party websites, any information, software, products, services, or materials found there or any results that may be obtained from using them. If You decide to access any of the third-party websites linked to from the Service, You do this entirely at Your own risk and You must follow the privacy policies and terms and conditions for those third-party websites.

MasterTube uses YouTube API Services, and by using YouTube Content within MasterTube’s Sites and Services you are agreeing to be bound to YouTube’s Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy. Third-party social networking services, such as Google and YouTube, may update their Terms of Service and Privacy Policies from time to time, and MasterTube is not responsible for your review of any changes or updates to these. We recommend that you review YouTube’s Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy regularly.

The Service also enables linking between various online third-party services, including YouTube (“Third-Party Services”). To take advantage of these feature and capabilities, we may ask you to authenticate, register for or log into Third-Party Services through the Service or on the websites of their respective providers and, if applicable, allow you to configure your privacy settings in that third-party website account to permit Your activities on the Service to be shared with Your contacts in your third-party site account. For more information about the implications of activating these Third-Party Services and Our use, storage and disclosure of information related to you and your use of Third-Party Services within the Service, please see the Privacy Policy. However, please remember that the manner in which You may use such Third-Party Services and the manner in which they will use, store and disclose your information is governed solely by the policies of such third parties.


We represent and warrant that: (i) We have full right, power, and authority to enter into and perform Our obligations under these Terms; (ii) the Service will be provided in a professional and workmanlike manner; and (iii) we have the right, title, and interest to the Materials sufficient to grant the rights granted under these Terms.


At Our or Your election, all disputes, claims, or controversies arising out of or relating to these Terms or the Service that are not resolved by mutual agreement may be resolved by binding arbitration to be conducted before JAMS, or its successor. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, arbitration will be held in San Francisco, California before a single arbitrator mutually agreed upon by the parties, or if the parties cannot mutually agree, a single arbitrator appointed by JAMS, and will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated by JAMS unless specifically modified in these Terms. The arbitration must commence within forty-five (45) days of the date on which a written demand for arbitration is filed by either party. The arbitrator’s decision and award will be made and delivered within sixty (60) days of the conclusion of the arbitration and within six (6) months of the selection of the arbitrator. The arbitrator will not have the power to award damages in excess of any limitations on actual compensatory, direct damages set forth in these Terms and may not multiply actual damages or award punitive damages or any other damages that are specifically excluded under these Terms, and each party hereby irrevocably waives any claim to such damages. The arbitrator may, in his or her discretion, assess costs and expenses (including the reasonable legal fees and expenses of the prevailing part) against any party to a proceeding. Any party refusing to comply with an order of the arbitrators will be liable for costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by the other party in enforcing the award. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the case of temporary or preliminary injunctive relief, any party may proceed in court without prior arbitration for the purpose of avoiding immediate and irreparable harm. The provisions of this arbitration section will be enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction.


We think direct communication resolves most issues – if We feel that You are not complying with these Terms, We will tell You. We will even provide You with recommended necessary corrective action(s) because We value this relationship.

However, certain violations of these Terms, as determined by Us, may require immediate termination of Your access to the Service without prior notice to You. The Federal Arbitration Act, California state law and applicable U.S. federal law, without regard to the choice or conflicts of law provisions, will govern these Terms. Foreign laws do not apply. Except for disputes subject to arbitration as described above, any disputes relating to these Terms or the Site will be heard in the courts located in San Francisco County, California. If any of these Terms are deemed inconsistent with applicable law, then such term(s) shall be interpreted to reflect the intentions of the parties, and no other terms will be modified. By choosing not to enforce any of these Terms, We are not waiving Our rights. These Terms are the entire agreement between You and Us and, therefore, supersede all prior or contemporaneous negotiations, discussions or agreements between Everyone about the Service. The proprietary rights, disclaimer of warranties, representations made by You, indemnities, limitations of liability and general provisions shall survive any termination of these Terms.

YouTube channel scope

According to Google rules and approved applications by Google, to get information and complete the information of your YouTube channel, the website needs several accesses to your channel, which are as follows:

۱- Access channel analytics information:

Which includes 2 scopes with domains:

auth / yt-analytics.readonly, yt-analytics-monetary.readonly

These permissions are read-only and our website has no access to change this information, this information is updated every 24 hours and in your panel in the dashboard you can see this information from your channel.

۲- channel information scope:

Includes access by domain

auth / youtube.readonly

This access to get information including: channel name, list of videos, details of the number of subscriptions, etc. All this information is read-only and our website has no access to change this information, this information is updated every 24 hours and in the panel You can see this information from your channel in the dashboard.

۳- Video upload scope:

Includes access by domain

auth / youtube.upload


This access is for the purpose that you can upload a new video to your channel through our website, in your panel in the upload section you can do this.

۴- View channel private information scope:

Includes access by domain

auth / youtubepartner-channel-audit

This access is read-only and is taken from you for the purpose of being able to display the important announcements of your channel inside the website, for example, if a Strike or Claim occurs in your channel, we can quickly detect and give you the appropriate notification. Show to you to fix the problem quickly.